Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is a loosely used term these days. Most companies SEO consists of some backlinks and a Google+ page, they even charge a recurring amount even though there’s actually no additional work being done.

Search Engine Optimisation is much more than that, the loading time and structure of your website can greatly affect your websites Search Engine Optimisation score. There are so many areas on websites that need focus, most elements can be formatted in a way that makes them more appealing to search engines.

We do in-depth analysis on your website to find everything that needs to be improved.

Sounds scary, right? Well, it’s not really, not if you have someone that knows what they are doing. There’s some good news too, if you have a website made by us, it already has a high standard of SEO in the formatting, and basic SEO tools installed and explained. If not, we are still able to help or give advice.

Search Engine Optimisation