Website Design

Website Design is an amazing thing if done properly, owning a website is a fundamental part of business in this day and age. Owning a website that looks, feels and runs great is a complete game changer, and could determine the success of your business.

Having a business website can bring in more customers, especially if it is done right. Visiting a website should be a fun experience, if your website is lacking style visitors are much more likely to leave your page without even reading anything, the same can be said for loading times. We love designing websites, there is nothing more exciting to us than watching a website come to life.

Here’s a few reasons you should consider us for your website needs:

  • Responsive Website Design – Websites that look amazing on all devices.
  • High Website Standards – Search engines love our websites, they are built to be seen, shared and loved.
  • Flexible – Want something updated or changed? We’re always keen.
  • Custom Designs – Our websites aren’t templates, we make our websites based on your needs.
  • Love – We love what we do, you aren’t just a pay cheque to us.

A website that looks, feels and runs amazing will attract more visitors, and more importantly, keep them on your website longer. Visit duration plays a large role in search engine rankings. The code hidden away in the backend also plays a vital role, as does correct formatting. We make websites with search engines in mind. We love Google, and Google loves us.

What is Website Design vs Website Development? Website Design is kind of like a skin for your website and usually doesn’t include major functionalities, whereas website development is having features installed such as contact forms, slide-shows, e-commerce, et cetera.

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Website Design