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Hosting Websites

Website hosting is a majorly vital aspect of your website. Unfortunately a lot of hosting is outsourced, or if not outsourced remotely located (usually America). This was fine for a while, especially while Australia had significant speed problems. These days Australia is slowly catching up though, the only reason people still outsource or have their servers based overseas is to cut costs. It’s expensive to host a server in Australia, but well worth it.

Why choose us for website hosting

Even the largest of the websites we have created load super fast, that’s a lot to do with how they are coded, but more so the fact that the websites are hosted here, in Australia. We have servers based in Sydney and will soon be expanding to have servers in Perth and Brisbane.

If you would like to transfer your website over to our hosting we can assist with that at no extra costs. There are conditions for quality control purposes though.

  • No mass mailers without inspection and consent
  • Websites must be regularly updated
  • No adult only content
  • Must pass virus scans

These are a few of the conditions. You get the point, though. Only the best websites make it to our servers making sure our servers aren’t bogged down and all websites are running smooth and flawlessly.
Our website hosting prices are fixed:

  • Hosting – $20 p/m
  • Dedicated IP – $5 p/m
  • Dedicated IP + SSL – $5 p/m


  • Professional updates and general maintenance – $60/pm

With those estimates, /pm means “per month” and /py means “per year”.

Website Hosting